Courtwood Primary on launching a project on a Friday afternoon!

We had a great time visiting Jo Strawman, Digital Lead and Assistant Head at Courtwood Primary School in Croydon. Jo told us all about the Rocket Fund project her school ran last year, the highs and the lows and how their new charging locker has made life so much more efficient in the classroom.

Money raised: £1,162

Number of donors: 51

Product purchased: Laptop charging lockers

Sometimes, it’s small things that make a big difference to how your school runs its digital learning. For Courtwood Primary, that small change was purchasing a new charging locker for the school iPads. It has proved to be a massive time-saving device and has made accessing laptops much smoother, which, in turn, extends teaching time.

Jo found the process of using Rocket Fund a breeze. With a wobbly start, she decided just to “go for it” on a Friday afternoon at 2pm.

Jo put her pitch together in about 40 minutes with the help of her students, and within four days they had already reached their target of £1,000!

Courtwood Primary went on to raise more than their target and were able to spend that money on extra resources for their school.

The excitement that was caused within the school community was lovely.

As well as a fundraising success, Jo found other positives came from the crowdfunding campaign. Jo felt that the process really helped create community cohesion around the school with parents, teachers and children alike.

We hope Jo’s story has inspired you and shown you how easy launching a project can be.  If you have any questions, do let us know.

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