How to use social media to turbocharge your school fundraising

How to use social media to turbocharge your school fundraising!

Twitter this, Insta that, Facebook who?! You’ve probably been on social media at least once already today. Politicians use it whilst campaigning, popstars use it to promote their latest singles, and now you are going to use it to turbocharge your school fundraising!

Social media presents the perfect opportunity to share your Rocket Fund project far and wide. We see the largest number donations come from people who hear about the project via social media, so it’s worth sharing!

Here are some quick social media tips from Rocket Fund HQ:

DO – Share your message often. Don’t worry, people won’t get annoyed with you! We recommend sharing news of your project once a day, maybe even twice as your project draws to an end (perhaps by creating a countdown to the deadline!). Often people just check their timeline rather than visiting your page directly, so publishing messages/updates on a regular basis is a good idea.

Do – Vary your messages. Not all donors react to the same thing; while someone will be very happy to donate because your post says that you’ve launched a new project on Rocket Fund, someone else will want to know what the money will be used for. And some people will need a reminder of the deadline to actually donate.

Do – Always remember to include your unique project URL in your social media posts (copy and paste it from your project page).

Do –  Try to include an image along with your posts, or a gif or a video – these are more attention-grabbing and get much more engagement than posts without.

Do – Target businesses who you think might have an interest in funding you: are some of their staff members alumni or friends of your school? Do they have a vested interest in education? Does the organisation occupy the same space as the product you are trying to raise funds for? Or is it simply a local business? Use the @ function on Twitter to directly target these organisations… some of them will the love the attention!

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Do – Use social media to say thank you! Some projects have shared videos of the children saying thank you to the donors on social media throughout their fundraising month, and it helps to keep your project at the front of people’s minds! Also, it’s a great thing for your supporters to retweet / share, so you can massively expand your audience and reach friends of friends.

Do – Use a free bit of software such as Hootsuite (or Tweetdeck for Twitter) to schedule your posts. This means that you can spend a set amount of time lining up a number of posts for the duration of your campaign rather than having to think about it on a daily basis.

Bonus: by scheduling posts, you can reach your donors during the weekend, when they have more time to look into your project and donate, without you needing to lift a finger!

Don’t – Worry! It’s hard to go wrong with social media; as long as you stay polite and in keeping with the values of your school, you’ll be fine and will reap the rewards!

We hope these pointers help you launch your campaign into the social media stratosphere!

Feel free to add any other suggestions in the comments below or share this with your friends (via social media – of course!)

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