What rewards should I offer?

Our top tips for what to offer as rewards.

It’s not about exhausting yourself by giving away too much or making grand promises which will be too expensive to deliver, it’s about showing your appreciation to your donors in an efficient way.

What rewards should you offer?

You could just keep is simple and offer some digital thank yous, e.g.:

1. A thank you message from yourself 

2. A thank you message from your students 

3. Some form of public recognition (e.g. in a video / picture / school newsletter)

Why should I offer rewards?

We’ve found that saying thank you engages donors and can encourage larger donations.

Rewards from previous projects

Here are some example rewards from previous school fundraising projects on Rocket Fund.

Say thanks publicly

Post donors’ names in your school newsletter, give them a shout out on social media, or mention them in the school assembly? It’s nice to get some recognition, and this kind of reward is low-cost, low-energy, and people love it.

Get your students to say thank you

There aren’t many things in life nicer than receiving a handwritten thank you letter, especially one scrawled by a 7-year-old. Could you get your students to write thank you letters / draw pictures to say thank you? (You could scan / take photos of their letters and send via email to save on postage costs!)

Plant a tree

Imagine the prestige you would command with your very own tree planted on school grounds. A great idea from Little Chalfont Primary School in Buckinghamshire, who used this prize to entice larger donations.

Name on a robot / anything

Mintlaw Academy offered donors the chance to become official sponsors and have their names emblazoned on the side of their underwater robots as they went into the competition. Is there anything you could offer that’s similar?

Offer a test drive of the new toys

If you’ve raised money to buy new equipment / technology that adults might enjoy, then why not offer donors the chance to have a go too? They will probably love seeing where their money has gone and it’s not everyday they get to programme a robot or explore foreign lands in VR. It could also encourage more donations in the future.

Tattoo their names on your arm

Ok, we’re just getting silly now…

For more ideas, have a browse through our funded projects here.

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