School fundraising ideas during lockdown

Here are some fundraising ideas for schools in lockdown, inspired by other schools we’ve seen on Rocketfund this term.

Last term we wrote about school fundraising ideas during Covid-19. That blog was full of ideas for school fundraising that you could do when we weren’t allowed to meetup, but could still go to school. This term things are a bit different. So here are some fundraising ideas for schools in lockdown, inspired by other schools we’ve seen on Rocketfund this term.

1. Launch a crowdfunding campaign

This is as easy as it gets. No activity to organise, no flapjack to make, not even a venue to book. Just create a crowdfunding project on Rocketfund, say who you are, what you want to raise money for and why, click publish and send it out to your whole community. It’s totally covid-safe, lockdown proof way to raise money for whatever you want / need for your school.
Perhaps it’s extra laptops for lockdown learning? Or maybe an improved playground for when the kids finally go back to school? The only limits are your imagination and enthusiasm to share your project with everyone your school knows (think parents / grandparents / local businesses / alumni). This is the easiest way to raise money anytime of year and particularly useful during lockdown.

Hyndland Primary School Parent Council raised £3,000 to build playground shelters

2. Make it a competition

We have a great feature called “Multiplier” that enables other people to raise money for your project too. As well as being a great help, essentially multiplying the reach of your project, it can also be a great way to create a competition between your students / classes / year groups, as you’ll see a leaderboard appear on your page.

The St John’s CEP School Parents & Friends Association rasied over £7,500 to purchase new Smartboards for their classrooms. They made great use of the Multiplier feature, with 13 projects raising funds under the main project.

St John’s CEP School encouraged students to set up their own projects (with their parents of course) to help the school raise money for new smartboards.

3. Run a Prize Draw

This is another super easy way to raise money for your school. It’s combines the purpose of a normal crowdfunding project described above with the excitement of a prize draw!

Donors are encouraged to donate because they believe in your cause AND by the excitement of potentially winning a prize.

We’ve helped loads of schools / PTAs run prize draws now, with some raising over £12,000!

It’s super easy to do:
🎁 Find a prize (or few)
💻 Create a project on Rocketfund, setting the rewards as tickets to your prize draw
🎟 Share the page and sell tickets to everyone you know!

For some inspiration, checkout the schools that have raised money via prize draws here and especially the project below that raised over £12,000 from raffling off only 3 hampers.

The Friends of Beaconsfield High School turned 3x £150 hampers into over £12,000 via their Prize Draw

4. Host a virtual wine / whisky / anything you like tasting

This has to be one of my personal favourite school fundraising ideas… why not host a wine / beer / whisky tasting event?!
It’s easy to do, could raise lots of money for your school and will definitely spread some much needed cheer during the lockdown.

It’s easy to do:
🍷 Choose what you’re going to taste / find a company that can run the tasting for you
🎟 Get people to buy tickets in advance by donating on your Rocketfund page
💻 Run the tasting event and encourage people to keep donating during the event to help you reach your fundraising target!

The Friends of Kentish town CofE Primary School ran a whisky tasting event with one of their resident experts to raise money for their school.

5. Organise a virtual walk / run

Finally, a more healthy option / useful cure to the hangover inducing idea above is a virtual walk / run. This is a classic school fundraising idea, that anyone can take part in, wherever they are.

🌎 Pick a destination / target distance
💻 Setup a project on Rocketfund
🏃‍♀️ Get your staff / students to log their steps and ask for sponsorship for their efforts

The PTA below raised over £5,000 from their virtual walk to Lapland just before Christmas. Proving that it’s even possible to raise money for your school in the depths of winter!

The Friends of Grappenhall Heys C.P. School raised £5,000 from their virtual walk

Now it’s your turn!

We hope the ideas above have filled you with inspiration and ideas to raise money for your school.

If you’re feeling ready, just start creating your school fundraising project here, we’ll be with you all the way.

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